5 Day Challenge to Get Your First Client


Day 1

Create a Compelling Consult Name

Your Potential Clients will get so much value from your Free Consultation. But if you call it a Free Consultation, your Potential Client may not show up, because the title, “Free Consultation,” doesn’t sound inherently valuable and some people might think it’s going to really be a sales call. So we recommend changing “Free Consultation” to a more compelling name.

There are four keys to making your Free Consultation Name compelling.

You want it to sound:

1. Valuable

2. Results-Oriented

3. Simple(a12yearoldshouldunderstanditimmediately). 4. (Optional)Alliteration

Here are 10 great examples for compelling names of Free Consultations:

» Cash Flow Recovery Analysis

» Optimal Wellness Strategy Session

» Holy Crap! I Love My Life Strategy Session » Food Freedom Consult

» Nail Your Niche Session

» Chaos to Calm Consult

» High-End Breakthrough Session

» Ignite Your Energy Coaching Session

» Body Love Breakthrough Session

» Massive Success Breakthrough Session

Brainstorm 10 possible names:

Business Networking Success Breakthrough Session

Business Networking Success Strategy Session

Day 2

This is uncomfortable, but I recently joined a 5-day challenge and today’s challenge is to share something amazing about myself! I usually don’t share what’s amazing about me because ____________(share your reason).

But here it goes… did you know that I did/ accomplished/experienced ____________ (share 1-3 impressive things about you).

I’d love to hear something amazing about you too below! Because I want to live in a world where people know that they’re amazing and aren’t afraid to share it.

This is actually why I became a __________(coach, acupuncturist, nutrition consultant, etc.). Because I LOVE helping my clients go from ___________(share the problem you are great at helping people get relief from) to feeling amazing about your _________ (share the result you help people get).

And, I’m feeling called to help a whole new wave of people. Will you hold this vision for me?


I am offering ___________(share your inspiring name for your consult) sessions this week as my gift to you. I have room in my schedule for 5 sessions, so if you know someone who has __________ (problem) and wants an amazing ___________ (result you help people get), will you send this to them? I would be honored to support them to get from __________ ((problem) to __________ (solution).

Thank you! You. Are. Amazing.

Day 3 

Success story

Insert a photo of you and your client.

If you don’t have a photo of you and your client then insert a selfie or an image that relates to the story.

This wasn’t supposed to happen!

Several months/years ago, ___________(name of your client) came to me with ___________ (problem.) It was especially challenging because of ___________(reason it was especially challenging). And it was impacting the rest of his/her/their life as well. ___________ (share the impact this problem had on their whole life.) While a part of him/her/them was hopeful, another part of him/her/them felt like he/she/ they was/were going to be stuck with this forever.

After ____ (weeks/months) of working with me, ___________(name of your client) has had a big shift. _____________________ (Describe the shift.) He/she/they attribute(s) this shift to __________________ (share the aspect of your work together that had the biggest impact.)

And now, his/her/their life is quite strikingly different. ___________(Describe what is different about their life.)

Option 1: Don’t Invite Them to Book a Consult

I’m so proud of my client and I’m so grateful I get to do this work I love for a living.


Option 2: Invite Them to Book a Consult

Helping people shift from having _________ (problem) to _________ (result) gives me more _________ (joy, fulfillment) than you could possibly know. That’s why I do what I do. Because I love seeing my clients get _________ (what result can your average client count on getting?)

And, while I can’t promise that this happens for all of my clients as quickly as it happened for _________ (name of client), I have discovered that if you want _________(result) badly enough, it’s usually only a matter of time (and high level guidance) before you get there.

So… do you know someone who has ________________ (problem) and really wants _________(result?) I have room for _________(number) of _________ (cool name for your consult) sessions in my schedule in the next couple weeks. I would be honored if you were

to share this post with someone who struggles with _________(problem) and wants _________(result.) Or PM me if you could use some support yourself. I would love to help.

Day 3A Interview Questions (to help you write this post).

» What problem/challenge did you have when we first met?

» Why was it especially challenging?

» How did it impact the rest of your life?

» How long had we been working together when you had your first major shift? » What do you attribute this shift to?

» How is your life different now?

» Do I have your permission to inspire people with your story?

Day 4 Share Your Turning Point Story


Even though I have accomplished/experienced/ received______________________ (share the most impressive thing that gives you credibility.)

I know what it’s like to struggle with _____________(share the problem you help people resolve,) because years ago, that struggle consumed my life. I know what it’s like to wake up and ________________(share what your life was like when you woke up and had to deal with that problem.)

And to lay down at night thinking about ________________

(share what your thoughts were when you went to sleep at night.) It got so bad that I________________(share your worst moment dealing with that problem.) So, I know how painful it can be.

And, I know what it’s like to be on the other side of it. To have ________________(result) and to have a life where I wake up to _____________(what’s amazing about what you wake up to) and I go to bed at night thinking about ________ (share happy thoughts you go to bed thinking about.) The best part is _________________(the thing you’re happiest about in your life right now.)

And, I want this kind of life for everyone! That’s why I do the work that I do. And, even though there’s a part of me that thinks I’m sharing too much about my life’s work this week (as I shared earlier, I’m in a 5-Day challenge…) my deeper truth is that I care way too much about helping people get ____________(result) to let that fear stop me. Because I know how painful it can be when you have ____________(problem.) And, I have dedicated myself to helping LOTS/hundreds/ thousands of people get ____________(result.)

If you, or anyone you know, struggles with____________ (problem), please drop a gif below or PM me, I would love to offer you a free ____________(compelling consult name) session so that I can help you start moving toward ______________ (result). Life is too short to spend it with ________________ (problem). I’d be honored to support you (or someone you care about). LMK below if I can be of service to you or someone you care about.

Day 5 Swap an Endorsement

You are going to write something for your partner to post on their personal page. And your partner will write something for you to post on your personal page. We encourage you to collaborate on the posts and to make sure you’re each happy with what your partner posts about you.


Step 1: Pull up Facebook Messenger and start a message to your partner.

Step 2: Copy this template and paste it into your message to your partner.

Step 3: Personalize this post ABOUT YOURSELF.

Step 4: Send the personalized post about yourself to your partner (you both can collaborate on it until you

both feel comfortable posting it.)

Step 5: Receive your partner’s post so you can collaborate and then share their post on your personal

Facebook page.

Insert a picture of your partner (choose a great picture from their Facebook photos.) If you have a great picture of you and your partner together insert that. (Tag your partner in the picture.)

I’m on my last day of this 5 Day Challenge that I’ve embarked on with about ________ other highly gifted Coaches and Holistic Practitioners. They are all amazing. But, there is one person who really stood out and inspired me, and I want to give him/her a huge shout out!

He/She has experienced/done/had/created /overcome______________(share the thing that gives your partner the most credibility.)

And he/she helps ___________(type of person your partner works with) who have ________(problem your partner helps people resolve) get _______________(result.)

I’ve struggled with/I have friends who have struggled with _______ (problem your partner solves) myself, so I know how __________(painful/frustrating) it can be and how important his/her work is.

But, what I most appreciate about _____________ (your partners’ name) is his/her _______________. (what do you appreciate about your partner’s spirit or way of being, talent, etc.)

If you are struggling with ________________(problem) at all, PM me, or comment below, I would be happy to introduce you to him/her.

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