Business Success Coaching Program

It's Time to Plan & Start YOUR Business.

Business Success PROGRAM

You don't have to figure it out on your own.

If you are looking for expert guidance on how to start a business, we can help you receive the support you need to plan and start a successful business.

Business Success PROGRAM

This 6-Week Business Success Program is for you if:

  • Have a business idea, but not sure of the next steps
  • You are looking for expert guidance on how to start a busines
  • Feel lost when it comes to the required paperwork, licenses, and permits to launch your business
  • Aren’t sure which business entity to choose
  • Want to connect with other small business owners
  • Are in the planning or launching stage of your business

Starting your business with a strong foundation and a clear and concise plan will help you make sure to set it up correctly, reduce unnecessary spending, track your finances and attract more clients.

Business Success PROGRAM

What you will learn:

  • Discover how your business concept matches your personal vision.
  • Align your business concept with a real market opportunity.
  • Find your target market and discover your competitive advantage.
  • Determine the unique features and benefits of your product/service.
  • Set realistic financial goals for your business.
  • Define your company’s brand and marketing.
  • Manage business functions.
  • Determine the steps to profitability.
  • Identify potential sources of funding for your business.
  • Launch your business.

This coaching program is designed to provide information, exercises, and tools to plan an launch your business.

Coaching Program Overview

Week 1
Course Overview & Introductions.
Business Concept and Market Research

Week 2
Market Analysis: Identify & Meet Market Needs
Discover Your Competitive Advantage

Week 3
Planning and Pricing Your Products and/or Services

Week 4
Marketing & Sales: Getting started and Value Proposition
Reaching the Market
Distribution Models & Market Penetration

Week 5
The Financial Planning Cycle: Predict, Measure, Analyze, Predict Again
Cost & Sales Projections
Set Financial Goals
Understanding Financial Statements

Week 6
Legal: Business Entity Types
Required Small Business Paperwork, Licenses & Permits
Business Plan Checklist
Elevator Pitch & Presentation

6 weekly Individual Coaching Sessions
Access to online resources


Sheila Slick, MS

Five Milestones LLC

Business and Leadership Development Consultant, SCORE Chair & Certified Business Mentor serving Volusia County, Certified FASTTRAC Facilitator & Workshop Presenter with a Master of Science degree in Leadership and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

For more than 25 years I've worked successfully as an entrepreneur with professionals, businesses, and non-profit organizations to help them achieve their goals by creating business plans, digital product development, assessing and executing digital marketing strategies, as well as IT support services.

I've also mentored numerous founders, CEOs & professionals as a certified SCORE Business Mentor and served as a certified Facilitator for the FASTTRAC program delivering quality online instruction and workshops to achieve positive outcomes and support their success.